Meet Your Board of Trustees


Carl Gilmore

Carl F. Gilmore

Board President
Term Expires: 2023

I think the library is important to the community because: it is one of the few places where people can be educated, can find entertainment, and can become enthusiastic about the community and themselves – as far as their curiosity and interests (and persistence) will take them. The depth and breadth of a library’s resources, both physical and virtual – as curated by library professionals – is unmatched by any other institution, and their possibilities are available to all who seek to be and know more.

I was inspired to become a member of the board because: I knew, having seen first-hand in multiple capacities, the great asset that Plainfield Public Library is to our community. I did work on my Master’s Degree there while also bringing my children to some of the many programs that they offer (and occasionally reading a book or two for my own leisure). Through all those experiences, I got to know the staff and was able to see the strengths and possibilities of the library, so when an opportunity arose to join the library board and help set its future direction, I leapt at the chance.

My favorite way to use the library is: to introduce my sons to all the possibilities that are available to them with a library card and an inquisitive mind, whether that is a book, new music, a program to meet different people, or some other opportunity to try something different.

My favorite book is: The Stand by Stephen King (this week, anyway). Although it is at its core a dark, dystopian tale by a modern-day master of horror, the characters and situations in it really speak to the human condition and the ways in which community is at the heart of any society, whether crumbling or in its infancy.

Interests/Hobbies: My wife and I try to stay engaged in our 3 boys’ lives academically and extra-curricular – with many chances to do so, and I have served in several capacities at my church. I enjoy running and the time it allows me to clear my head while trying to keep Father Time at bay a little longer. On rare occasions, I also dabble in community theater as an actor and singer.

Profession: I am an educator; I am an Adjunct Instructor in the English and World Languages Department at Joliet Junior College, and I am an Evening Program Coordinator at JJC’s Romeoville Campus.

Crystal A. Andel

Crystal A. Andel

Term Expires: 2021

I think the library is important to the community because: it is the cornerstone of the community. It gives people a place to gather, to educate, to explore, to achieve and to learn, especially about oneself.

I was inspired to become a member of the board because: I wanted to give something back to the community. We began our family life in Plainfield and have lived here for 35 years.  Our house was one of the many affected by the 1990 tornado. The community had been very generous and helpful during this challenging time in our lives, and with our children raised and living out of state, this situation presented itself at the right time in my life. I currently am serving a second term. I feel it is my purpose as a board member to work on achieving balance for both the community and library.

My favorite way to use the library is: as a resource center. I use the library for research purposes and learning purposes, such as taking a computer class to stay current within the workforce or just browsing through catalogs, magazines, etc. 

My favorite book is: any action thriller. I particularly enjoy John Grisham or Brad Thor.

Interests/Hobbies: Family and friends top this list. I enjoy Rock n’ Roll music (live bands), dancing, eating out, fishing and travel.

Profession: I am an insurance professional, working in the Transportation Insurance Industry for the past 11 years.

Vicki M. Knight 

Vicki M. Knight 

Term Expires: 2021

I think the library is important to the community because: the library welcomes all, regardless of age, income, race or beliefs. The library provides classes, services, resources and is a gathering place for all in our community. The library is vital for growth of our community.

I was inspired to become a member of the board because: it was a way to give back to our community and volunteering my time for a place that I believe in and am proud to represent the exceptional staff that the library employs and what the library stands for.

My favorite way to use the library is: going to the various classes the library offers, from computers, cooking and crafting to educational classes. The instructors are always exceptional, knowledgeable and informative. When my son was younger, we also enjoyed all the youth classes that were offered.

My favorite book is: I do not have a favorite book right now. I enjoy reading books on history, sports and cooking. When I was young, many years ago, my favorites were; The Black Stallion, the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series and books about Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth.

Interests/Hobbies: Die hard Cubs fan since 1968, going to concerts (Chicago, Neil Diamond, Jim Brickman, Donny Osmand, Air Supply and Michael Bolton), scrap-booking and playing with my 2 year old grandson. I also enjoy volunteering for the Friends of the Plainfield Library.

Profession: Registered Nurse for 32 years. Worked at Edward Hospital for 23 years and now work as a Substitute Nurse for Plainfield School District 202.

Patricia Lynn Miller

Patricia Lynn Miller

Term Expires: 2021

I think the library is important to the community because: it is often described as the heart of a community. The library is the special place to help grow our minds and imaginations. Far more than a collection of books, the library welcomes every resident to learn, to enjoy, to connect to ideas and people. It not only connects those of like interests but all interests and backgrounds. Everyone can feel a sense of belonging from ages 2 to 102, across cultures, talents, social identity and economic resources. As a meeting place and a generator of resources to meet ever expanding needs, the library encourages vibrancy and cognitive growth in the community, providing lifelong learning and support to its institutions as well as its residents.

I was inspired to become a member of the board because: having served as the sole school psychologist for District 202 in the 1970’s, I chose to move my family to Plainfield in 1994. The community has embraced my family and given much to enrich our lives, so I sought a way to give back. Since I was a child I spent many hours in libraries which served as my connection to learning, exploring and achieving. Serving as a trustee is my way of giving back to the community while continuing that special connection.

My favorite way to use the library is: with reference questions, since that assistance saves me time getting reliable answers. Using Book-A-Librarian I was able to address problems with a new iPhone and integrate it with my iPad. The step-by-step help was far superior than anywhere else.

My favorite book is: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. I judge favorite books by the ones I cannot put down and this was one of them.

Interests/Hobbies: I devote a lot of time to special activities sponsored by two service organizations: Zonta and Rotary. Both are international organizations with projects to help in our community as well as global service, to improve the status of women and eradicate polio.

Profession: Currently a “professional” volunteer, I am a clinical psychologist (retired) and former assistant professor.

Sharon D. Kinley

Sharon D. Kinley

Trustee Emerita

I think the library is important to the community because: it provides services for all the members of the community – from the youngest to the eldest – take a look at the newsletter and you will see there are programs for all. And of course, there is always a good book to savor.

I was inspired to become a member of the board because: I grew up with family that believed in being active in your community and giving back. The library was a natural fit for me as going to the library is a way of life for me.

My favorite way to use the library: has shifted throughout my life. As a young child, having my library book took me to places and taught me to dream about what could be. There were years when it was my go to place for information and research while I was in school. After I married and had children I was happy to introduce them to the importance and joy of the library and now I am back to getting a good book and checking on the programs and activities the library has to offer.

My favorite book is: The Three Little Pigs. I have a collection of three little pigs’ books and the different takes on them. My super favorite is The Fourth Little Pig… she is the sister and finally gets her brothers on the right track.

Interests/Hobbies: They are centered on music and spectator sports. My husband, Don, and I enjoy many facets of music…from classical to rock n’ roll with a large dose of jazz thrown in and we also like watching young people, especially the local high school teams, participate in various sporting events. Following the Cubs, Royals and Blackhawks and various college teams is also on our agenda. And we travel. And we enjoy our very interesting, never boring family.

Profession: I am a retired elementary school teacher. I taught in the Plainfield School District for nearly 30 years. Loved the joy of seeing children learning to read!

Ryan Gilles

Ryan Gilles

Term Expires: 2021

I think the library is important to the community because: we have so many families who have chosen to make Plainfield home. The library plays a vital role in preparing our children for a bright future.

I was inspired to become a member of the board because: the library has added so much to my family’s quality of life, I wanted to take the opportunity to give back.

My favorite way to use the library is: for my family and I to take advantage of all the wonderful programs offered.

My favorite book is: The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck.

Interests/Hobbies: I enjoy reading, traveling and volunteering.

Profession: Stay-at-home parent



Lisa Schmidt

Lisa Schmidt

Term Expires: 2021

I think the library is important to the community because: it strengthens the value to our town and champions a diverse environment where people of all ages can gather, explore, learn and imagine.

I was inspired to become a member of the board because: I find great worth in not only the services of the library but believe it is a staple in  our community that desperately needs updated resources, funding for programs, and building infrastructure improvements.

My favorite way to use the library is: as a core place for meetings/study groups, a convenient location to gather where resources are readily available.

My favorite book is: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Interests/Hobbies: Traveling, attending my children’s activities, touring art museums and buildings and spending time with my family and friends.

Profession: Architect/Interior Designer


Jason Cann

Term Expires: 2023

More information coming soon.