Book Boxes for Kids and Teens


Kids and Teen Book BoxesAttention avid readers (and their parents) in Grades 3 to 12!

Have you heard of subscription boxes? Well, we have a Library book box just for you!

Sign up by filling out one of the forms below with some basic information and what you like to read.  We’ll select a book and several fun surprises based on your answers.  Turn in your book each month for a new one – the extra treats are yours to keep!

Register each reader individually. Your box will be available at the Youth Services desk – we will notify you when it’s ready for pickup each month (you’ll have a week to pick up your box).

Best of all? It’s totally free!

Limited availability. 

Registration is currently full for Spring 2021 book boxes. Registration for new subscriptions will begin on Monday, May 17.

Kids Book Boxes - sign up here

Kids Book Boxes
(grades 3 to 5)

Kids Book Boxes - sign up here 

Teens Book Boxes
(grades 6 to 12)

Book Box Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can sign up for a book box?

Currently, we have two book box options available. One box is for those in grades 3 to 5 and the other is for teens in grades 6 to 12.

My child is younger than that. Can they still get a box?

The books and the materials provided are geared towards specific age groups. However, if you are interested in getting books for your younger children we suggest requesting a Grab Bag.

Do I have to sign up every month?

No, this is a subscription service. Once you sign up, you will receive monthly boxes for three months. If you want to continue your subscription, you will need to re-register during the next enrollment period while spots are still available.

When I do pick up my monthly book box?

PPLD will contact you during the first week of each month once your box is ready. Once contacted you will have one week to pick up the box from the Youth Services Desk.

What if I don’t pick up my box?

You may miss picking up one box. If you fail to pick up a second monthly box, your subscription will be canceled and you will have to sign up when spots are once again available.

What do I need to return to the library after I’ve read my book?

You only need to return the book. Everything else is yours to keep and enjoy. Please fill out the virtual comment card to provide feedback on each box so that we can better personalize future boxes.

I know that I’ll be on vacation, can I put my subscription on hold?

Absolutely! If you do not want to receive a box during a particular month, email us at by the end of the preceding month.

I want to stop receiving boxes. What do I do?

Send an email to and we will remove you from the list.

Canceling my subscription was the biggest mistake I’ve made in my whole life! What can I do?

You can sign up again using the registration form. However, there are a limited number of boxes available for each session. You will need to register for a new subscription once the registration period reopens.