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New & Forthcoming Fiction

See something that you’d like to read?  Simply click on the title and you will be directed to the catalog record.  From the catalog record, click “place hold” and follow the steps to place an item on hold.  You’ll be contacted as soon as a copy becomes available.  Please note that publication dates are subject to change.

July 2019

Atkins, Ace     The Shameless
Baldacci, David    One Good Deed
Balogh, Mary    Someone to Honor
Bova, Ben     Earth
Carr, Robyn    The House on Olive Street
Castillo, Linda     Shamed
Coes, Ben     The Russian
Coulter, Catherine     Labyrinth
Davis, Lindsey    A Capitol Death
Doiron, Paul     Almost Midnight
Fitch, Janet     Chimes of a Lost Cathedral
Gladstone, Max     This Is How You Lose the Time War
Graham, Heather     The Seekers
Greaney, Mark     Red Metal
Harris, Joanne    The Strawberry Thief
Harris, Joanne M.    The Blue Salt Road
Hunter, Stephen    Game of Snipers
Jackson, Joshilyn    Never Have I Ever
Johansen, Iris     Smokescreen
Lackey, Mercedes     Eye Spy
Lapena, Shari    Someone We Know
Lindsey, Johanna     Temptation’s Darling
Lippman, Laura     Lady in the Lake
Lustbader, Eric     The Sum of All Shadows
Macomber, Debbie     Window on the Bay
McCall Smith, Alexander     The Second-worst Restaurant in France
Meacham, Leila    Dragonfly
Nesbo, Jo     Knife
Patterson, James     Sophia, Princess Among Beasts
Putney, Mary Jo    Once a Spy
Ringo, John     River of Night
Roberts, Nora     Under Currents
Rosenfelt, David     Bark of Night
Russo, Richard    Chances Are
Silva, Daniel    The New Girl
Stephenson, Neal    Atmosphæra Incognita
Turtledove, Harry     Alpha and Omega
Warren, Susan May     Tate
Wendig, Chuck     Wanderers
Williams, Beatriz     The Golden Hour
Zahn, Timothy     Thrawn

August 2019

Anderson, Kevin J.    Kill Zone
Andrews, Donna    Terns of Endearment
Andrews, Ilona    Sapphire Flames
Andrews, V. C.    Beneath the Attic
Barrett, Lorna    A Killer Edition
Birmingham, John    The Cruel Stars
Box, C. J.    The Bitterroots
Brown, Sandra     Outfox
Brunstetter, Wanda E.    The Healing Jar
Carriger, Gail    Reticence
Cleverly, Barbara    Invitation to Die
Dailey, Janet    Texas Forever
Deutermann, Peter T.    The Nugget
Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee    The Forest of Enchantments
Eason, Lynette    Vow of Justice
Goodkind, Terry    Hateful Things
Gray, Shelley Shepard    The Loyal One
Green, Simon R.    Till Sudden Death Do Us Part
Gregory, Philippa    Tidelands
Grimes, Martha    The Old Success
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia    Pack Up Your Troubles
Howard, Linda    After Sundown
Hunt, Angela Elwell    King’s Shadow
Irvin, Kelly    Mountains of Grace
Keller, Julia    The Cold Way Home
Lutz, Lisa    The Swallows
Michaels, Fern    Cut and Run
Neggers, Carla    Rival’s Break
Parker, T. Jefferson    The Last Good Guy
Patterson, James    The Inn
Patterson, James    The Warning
Penny, Louise    A Better Man
Pettrey, Dani    The Killing Tide
Preston, Douglas    Old Bones
Ryan, Hank Phillippi    The Murder List
Slaughter, Karin    The Last Widow
Snelling, Lauraine    A Song of Joy
Steel, Danielle    The Dark Side
Walters, Minette    The Turn of Midnight
Ward, J. R.    Blood Truth
Ware, Ruth    The Turn of the Key
Weis, Margaret    Kingmaker
Woods, Stuart    Contraband

September 2019

Archer, Jeffrey    Nothing Ventured
Barclay, Linwood    Elevator Pitch
Barr, Nevada    What Rose Forgot
Berenson, Laurien    Here Comes Santa Paws
Brett, Simon    The Killer in the Choir
Cabot, Meg    No Judgments
Card, Orson Scott    Lost and Found
Chevalier, Tracy    A Single Thread
Cleeves, Ann    The Long Call
Coble, Colleen    Strands of Truth
Coleman, Reed Farrel    Robert B. Parker’s The Bitterest Pill
Cussler, Clive    The Titanic Secret
Dailey, Janet    Hart’s Hollow Farm
Deveraux, Jude    Met Her Match
Donoghue, Emma     Akin
Duncan, Elizabeth J.    Remembering the Dead
Feehan, Christine    Dark Illusion
Flint, Eric     1636
Flynn, Vince    Lethal Agent
Graham, Heather    The Stalking
Gross, Andrew    The Fifth Column
Hoffman, Alice    The World That We Knew
Jance, Judith A.    Sins of the Fathers
Kenyon, Sherrilyn    At Death’s Door
King, Stephen    The Institute
Levine, Laura    Death of a Gigolo
Lewis, Beverly    The Timepiece
Locke, Attica    Heaven, My Home
Macmillan, Gilly    The Nanny
McGuire, Seanan    The Unkindest Tide
McKevett, G. A.    Murder in the Corn Maze
Michaels, Fern    Spirit of the Season
Mills, DiAnn    Fatal Strike
Monroe, Mary    Right Beside You
Palmer, Diana    Wyoming Heart
Perry, Anne    Death in Focus
Robb, J. D.    Vendetta in Death
Rushdie, Salman    Quichotte
Salvatore, R. A.    Boundless
Sands, Lynsay    Immortal Born
Shalvis, Jill    Wrapped Up in You
Smith, Wilbur A.    Ghost Fire
Tracy, P. J.    Ice Cold Heart
Wiseman, Beth    Listening to Love

October 2019

Andrews, Donna    Owl Be Home for Christmas
Black, Lisa    Let Justice Descend
Cameron, Stella    Trap Lane
Cameron, W. Bruce    A Dog’s Promise
Chiaverini, Jennifer    The Christmas Boutique
Child, Lee    Blue Moon
Childs, Laura    Mumbo Gumbo Murder
Connelly, Michael    The Night Fire
Connolly, John    A Book of Bones
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels    Quantum
Crawford, Isis    A Catered New Year’s Eve
Crombie, Deborah    A Bitter Feast
DeMille, Nelson    The Deserter
Dodd, Christina    Strangers She Knows 
Francis, Felix    Guilty Not Guilty
French, Nicci    The Lying Room
Gerritsen, Tess    The Shape of Night
Goldberg, Lee    Lost Hills
Goodkind, Terry    Wasteland
Grisham, John    The Guardians
Hearne, Kevin    The Princess Beard
Hilderbrand, Elin    What Happens in Paradise
Hill, Joe    Full Throttle
Isaacs, Susan    Takes One to Know One
Jewell, Lisa    The Family Upstairs
Khoury, Raymond    Empire
Kinsella, Sophie    Christmas Shopaholic
Lackey, Mercedes    The Case of the Spellbound Child
Le Carre, John    Agent Running in the Field
Macomber, Debbie    A Mrs. Miracle Christmas
Mallery, Susan    Meant to Be Yours
McCall Smith, Alexander To the Land of Long Lost Friends
Moyes, Jojo    The Giver of Stars
Novak, Brenda    Christmas in Silver Springs
Oates, Joyce Carol    The Pursuit
Patterson, James    The 19th Christmas
Peterson, Tracie    What Comes My Way
Rosenfelt, David    Dachshund Through the Snow
Sandford, John    Bloody Genius
Smith, Zadie    Grand Union
Steel, Danielle    Child’s Play
Strout, Elizabeth    Olive, Again
Thayer, Nancy    Let It Snow
Woods, Stuart    Stealth

November 2019

Baldacci, David    A Minute to Midnight
Balogh, Mary    Someone to Remember
Beaton, M. C.    Beating About the Bush
Berg, Elizabeth    The Confession Club
Brody, Frances    The Body on the Train
Brown, Rita Mae    Scarlet Fever
Bruen, Ken    Galway Girl
Cussler, Clive    Final Option
Crichton, Michael    The Andromeda Evolution
Crosby, Ellen    The Angels’ Share
Evanovich, Janet    Twisted Twenty-Six
Flint, Eric    Council of Fire
Harris, Robert    The Second Sleep
Jenkins, Jerry B.    Dead Sea Conspiracy
Meier, Leslie    Invitation Only Murder
Patterson, James    Criss Cross
Perry, Anne    A Christmas Gathering
Roberts, Nora    The Rise of Magicks
Smith, Martin Cruz     The Siberian Dilemma
Steel, Danielle    Spy
Taylor, Patrick    An Irish Country Family
Thompson, Victoria    City of Scoundrels

December 2019

Brett, Simon    Blotto, Twinks and the Great Road Race
Cook, Robin    Genesis
Coyle, Cleo    Brewed Awakening
Estleman, Loren D.    When Old Midnight Comes Along
Fowler, Christopher    The Lonely Hour
Lindsay, Jeffry P.    Just Watch Me
McDermid, Val    How the Dead Speak
Singh, Nalini    A Madness of Sunshine
Tursten, Helene    Winter Grave