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New & Forthcoming Fiction

See something that you’d like to read?  Simply click on the title and you will be directed to the catalog record.  From the catalog record, click “place hold” and follow the steps to place an item on hold.  You’ll be contacted as soon as a copy becomes available.  Please note that publication dates are subject to change.

June 2018

Armstrong, Kelley     Rough Justice
Atherton, N. Aunt Dimity and the King’s Ransom
Backman, Fredrik     Us Against You
Berenson, Laurien     Ruff Justice
Billingham, Mark     The Killing Habit
Black, Cara     Murder on the Left Bank
Brown, Dale     The Moscow Offensive
Camden, Elizabeth     A Daring Venture
Clinton, Bill     The President Is Missing
Coes, Ben     Bloody Sunday
Connolly, John     The Woman in the Woods
Dallas, Sandra     The Patchwork Bride
Dams, Jeanne     Crisis at the Cathedral
Delinsky, Barbara     Before and Again
Giffin, Emily     All We Ever Wanted
Green, Simon R.     The Night Fall
Groff, Lauren     Florida
Hilderbrand, Elin     The Perfect Couple
Hinton, Lynne The View From Here
Huff, Tanya     The Privilege of Peace
Jackson, Lisa     Liar, Liar
King, Laurie R.     Island of the Mad
Lackey, Mercedes     The Hills Have Spies
Macdonald, Patricia The Girl in the Woods
Maden, Mike     Tom Clancy Line of Sight
Oates, Joyce Carol     Night-Gaunts
Palmer, Diana     Unbridled
Paris, B. A.     Bring Me Back
Patterson, James     Murder in Paradise
Preston, Douglas     The Pharaoh Key
Putney, Mary Jo     Once a Scoundrel
Robards, Karen    The Moscow Deception
Sands, Lynsay The Highlander’s Promise
Singh, Nalini     Ocean Light
Weisberger, Lauren When Life Gives You Lululemons
Wiggs, Susan     Between You and Me
Zahn, Timothy     Alliances

July 2018

Abbott, Jeff     The Three Beths
Atkins, Ace     The Sinners
Barclay, Linwood     A Noise Downstairs
Barrett, Lorna     Poisoned Pages
Bentley, Ray    On the Mountain of the Lord
Carriger, Gail     Competence
Castillo, Linda     A Gathering of Secrets
Davis, Lindsey     Pandora’s Boy
Doiron, Paul     Stay Hidden
Dunn, Carola The Corpse at the Crystal Palace
Eason, Lynette     Called to Protect
Fisher, Suzanne Woods     Minding the Light
French, Nicci     The Day of the Dead
Gabhart, Ann H.     River to Redemption
Gear, Kathleen     Maze Master
Goolrick, Robert     The Dying of the Light
Gould, Leslie     A Simple Singing
Graham, Heather     Pale as Death
Gray, Shelley Shepard     Her Fear
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia   The Treacherous Heart

Hearne, Kevin     Kill the Farm Boy
Johansen, Iris     Double Blind
Laplante, Alice     Half Moon Bay
Lindsey, Johanna     Marry Me by Sundown
Lustbader, Eric     Four Dominions
Macomber, Debbie     Cottage by the Sea
Mallery, Susan     When We Found Home
Martinez, A. Lee  Constance Verity Saves the World
McCall Smith, Alexander     The Quiet Side of Passion
Peterson, Tracie     In Dreams Forgotten
Pettrey, Dani     Dead Drift
Roby, Kimberla Lawson     Better Late Than Never
Rosenfelt, David     Rescued
Roy, Lori     The Disappearing
Sefton, Maggie     Dyeing Up Loose Ends
Steel, Danielle     The Good Fight
Thor, Brad     Spymaster
Turano, Jen     Caught by Surprise
Tyler, Anne     Clock Dance
Verdon, John     White River Burning
Williams, Beatriz     The Summer Wives

August 2018

Andrews, V. C.     Echoes in the Walls
Adler-Olsen, Jussi     The Washington Decree
Andrews, Donna     Toucan Keep a Secret
Black, Lisa     Suffer the Children
Bowen, Rhys    Four Funerals and Maybe a Wedding
Brennan, Allison     Abandoned
Brown, Sandra    Tailspin
Dailey, Janet     Texas Free
Deutermann, Peter T.     The Iceman
Evanovich, Janet   The Mark
Hamilton, Laurell K.    Serpentine
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia     Till the Boys Come Home
Kadrey, Richard     Hollywood Dead
Keller, Julia     Bone on Bone
Kellerman, Faye     Walking Shadows
Kenyon, Sherrilyn     Stygian
Lapena, Shari     An Unwanted Guest
Michaels, Fern     Safe and Sound
Muller, Marcia     The Breakers
Neggers, Carla     Impostor’s Lure
Parker, T. Jefferson     Swift Vengeance
Patterson, James     Texas Ranger
Ryan, Hank Phillippi     Trust Me
Scottoline, Lisa     Feared
Swain, James     The King Tides
Walters, Minette     The Last Hours
Weber, Carl     Influence
Weis, Margaret     Privateer
Woods, Stuart     The Money Shot

September 2018

Atkinson, Kate     Transcription
Bannister, Jo     Kindred Spirits
Blauner, Peter     Sunrise Highway
Brett, Simon     A Deadly Habit
Brown, Pierce     Dark Age
Carr, Robyn     The Right One
Cleeves, Ann     Wild Fire
Coelho, Paulo     Hippie
Coleman, Reed Farrel     Robert B. Parker’s Colorblind
Crawford, Isis     A Catered Cat Wedding
Cussler, Clive     Shadow Tyrants
Deveraux, Jude     A Willing Murder
Feehan, Christine     Dark Sentinel
Fluke, Joanne     Christmas Cake Murder
Flynn, Vince     Red War
Graham, Heather     Echoes of Evil
Gross, Andrew     Button Man
Harkness, Deborah     Time’s Convert
Hosseini, Khaled     Sea Prayer
Jance, Judith A.     Field of Bones
Kubica, Mary     When the Lights Go Out
Levine, Laura     Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge
Lewis, Beverly     The First Love
Mallery, Susan     Why Not Tonight
McGuire, Seanan     Night and Silence
Meier, Leslie     Silver Anniversary Murder
Monroe, Mary     Remembrance
Mosley, Walter    John Woman
Patterson, James     Juror 3
Pelecanos, George P.     The Man Who Came Uptown
Perry, Anne     Dark Tide Rising
Robb, J. D.     Leverage in Death
Ruiz Zafon, Carlos     The Labyrinth of the Spirits
Salvatore, R. A.     Timeless
Sands, Lynsay     Vampires Like it Hot
Steel, Danielle     In His Father’s Footsteps
Tracy, P. J.     The Guilty Dead
Turtledove, Harry     Through Darkest Europe

October 2018

Ajvide Lindqvist, John     I Am Behind You
Andrews, Donna      Lark! the Herald Angels Sing
Beaton, M. C.     The Dead Ringer
Bova, Ben     Power Failure
Brown, Rita Mae     Homeward Hound
Chamberlain, Diane     The Dream Daughter
Childs, Laura     Glitter Bomb
Connelly, Michael     Dark Sacred Night
Cornwell, Bernard    War of the Wolf 
Dekker, Ted     Rise of the Mystics
Forsyth, Frederick     The Fox
Francis, Felix     Crisis
French, Tana     The Witch Elm
Harris, Charlaine     An Easy Death
Harvey, Michael     Pulse
Hilderbrand, Elin     Welcome to Paradise
Ide, Joe     Wrecked
Johansen, Iris     Vendetta
King, Stephen     Elevation
Kingsbury, Karen     When We Were Young 
Kingsolver, Barbara    Unsheltered 
Koontz, Dean R.     The Forbidden Door
Lackey, Mercedes     The Bartered Brides
Macomber, Debbie     Alaskan Holiday
Mallery, Susan     Not Quite Over You
McKevett, G. A.    Murder in Her Stocking 
Miller, Linda Lael    The Blue and the Gray 
Morton, Kate     The Clockmaker’s Daughter
Palmer, Diana     Wyoming Legend
Paretsky, Sara     Shell Game 
Patterson, James     Ambush
Picoult, Jodi     A Spark of Light
Rice, Anne     Blood Communion
Robinson, Kim Stanley     Red Moon
Rosenfelt, David     Deck the Hounds
Rosnay, Tatiana de     The Rain Watcher
Sandford, John     Holy Ghost
Scalzi, John     The Consuming Fire
Sparks, Nicholas     Every Breath
Taylor, Patrick    An Irish Country Cottage
Unger, Lisa     Under My Skin
Ward, J. R.     Consumed
Weber, David    Uncompromising Honor 
Woods, Stuart     Desperate Measures 

November 2018

Archer, Jeffrey     Heads You Win
Baldacci, David     Long Road to Mercy
Bender, Karen E.     The New Order
Benford, Gregory     Rewrite
Berg, Elizabeth     Night of Miracles
Bradford, Barbara Taylor     Master of His Fate
Bruen, Ken     In the Galway Silence
Child, Lee     Past Tense
Clark, Mary Higgins     You Don’t Own Me
Crosby, Ellen     Harvest of Secrets
Cussler, Clive     Celtic Empire
Estleman, Loren D.     Wild Justice
Evanovich, Janet     Look Alive Twenty-Five
Evans, Richard Paul     The Noel Stranger
Harper, Karen     Silent Scream
Jenkins, Jerry B.     Dead Sea Rising 
McCall Smith, Alexander     The Colors of All the Cattle
Murphy, Shirley Rousseau     Cat Chase the Moon
Oates, Joyce Carol     Hazards of Time Travel
Patterson, James     Target
Penny, Louise     Kingdom of the Blind
Perry, Anne     A Christmas Revelation
Rimington, Stella     The Moscow Sleepers
Ringo, John     The Valley of Shadows
Steel, Danielle     Beauchamp Hall
Thompson, Victoria     City of Secrets
Trigiani, Adriana     Tony’s Wife
Weber, Carl     Trouble in Rio
Weldon, Fay     After the Peace
Williams, Beatriz     The Glass Ocean
Woodsmall, Cindy     As the Tide Comes In