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New & Forthcoming Fiction

See something that you’d like to read?  Simply click on the title and you will be directed to the catalog record.  From the catalog record, click “place hold” and follow the steps to place an item on hold.  You’ll be contacted as soon as a copy becomes available.  Please note that publication dates are subject to change.

September 2017


Adler-Olsen, Jussi     The Scarred Woman
Berenson, Laurien     Wagging Through the Snow
Bolton, Sharon     Dead Woman Walking
Brody, Frances     Death at the Seaside
Carr, Robyn     The Summer That Made Us
Cleeves, Ann     The Seagull
Coben, Harlan     Don’t Let Go
Coleman, Reed     The Hangman’s Sonnet
Coulter, Catherine     Enigma
Cussler, Clive     The Romanov Ransom
Dams, Jeanne     The Missing Masterpiece
DeMille, Nelson     The Cuban Affair
Dodd, Christina     The Woman Who Couldn’t Scream
Feehan, Christine     Dark Legacy
Flint, Eric     Iron Angels
Flynn, Vince     Enemy of the State
Follett, Ken     A Column of Fire
Ford, Jamie    Love and Other Consolation Prizes
Gabhart, Ann     These Healing Hills
Graham, Heather     Wicked Deeds
Green, Simon R.     Death Shall Come
Hannah, Sophie     Keep Her Safe
Harris, Charlaine     Sleep Like a Baby
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia The Long, Long Trail
Jance, J.A.     Proof of Life
Kane, Andrea     A Face to Die For
Karon, Jan     To Be Where You Are
King, Stephen     Gwendy’s Button Box
King, Stephen     Sleeping Beauties
Kirkpatrick, Jane     All She Left Behind
Krauss, Nicole     Forest Dark
Le Carre, John     A Legacy of Spies
Lewis, Beverly     The Proving
Locke, Attica     Bluebird, Bluebird
Mallery, Susan     Second Chance Girl
McDermott, Alice     The Ninth Hour
McGuire, Seanan     The Brightest Fell
Meier, Leslie     Turkey Trot Murder
Michaels, Fern     Holly and Ivy
Miller, Linda L.  A Snow Country Christmas
Patterson, James     Haunted
Perry, Anne     An Echo of Murder
Peterson, Tracie     Cherished Mercy
Reich, Christopher     The Take
Robb, J.D.     Secrets in Death
Rushdie, Salman     The Golden House
Sands, Lynsay     Immortally Yours
Sawyer, Kim Vogel Bringing Maggie Home

October 2017


Alexander, Tamera     Christmas at Carnton
Allende, Isabel     In the Midst of Winter
Andrews, Donna How the Finch Stole Christmas!
Andrews, V.C.    Shattered Memories
Archer, Jeffrey     Tell Tale
Bear, Elizabeth     The Stone in the Skull
Beaton, M.C.    The Witches’ Tree
Boyle, T.C.     The Relive Box
Brown, Dan     Origin
Brown, Rita Mae     Crazy Like a Fox
Camden, Elizabeth     A Dangerous Legacy
Card, Orson Scott     Children of the Fleet
Chamberlain, Diane     The Stolen Marriage
Connelly, Michael     Two Kinds of Truth
Doyle, Roddy     Smile
Eugenides, Jeffrey   Fresh Complaint
Gray, Shelley Shepard    Love Held Captive
Grisham, John     New Legal Thriller
Hannon, Irene     Dangerous Illusions
Harper, Karen     The It Girls
Hart, Carolyn     Ghost on the Case
Hearne, Kevin     A Plague of Giants
Hilderbrand, Elin    Winter Solstice
Hart, Carolyn     Ghost on the Case
Hearne, Kevin     A Plague of Giants
Hilderbrand, Elin    Winter Solstice
Hill, Joe     Strange Weather
Hoffman, Alice     The Rules of Magic
Johansen, Iris     Mind Game
Jones, Darynda     The Trouble With Twelfth Grave
Kellerman, Faye     Killing Season
Lackey, Mercedes     Blade of Empire
Macomber, Debbie     Merry and Bright
Maguire, Gregory     Hiddensee
Malliet, G.M.     Weycombe
May, Peter     Cast Iron
Monroe, Mary     The Devil You Know
Palmer, Diana     Wyoming Winter
Pettrey, Dani     Blind Spot
Sandford, John     Deep Freeze
Smith, Wilbur     The Tiger’s Prey
Steel, Danielle     Fairytale
Taylor, Patrick An Irish Country Practice
White, Kate     Even If It Kills Her
Woods, Sherryl     Lilac Lane
Woods, Stuart     Quick & Dirty

November 2017

Baldacci, David     End Game
Barclay, Linwood     Parting Shot
Bowen, Rhys     The Ghost of Christmas Past
Bradford, Barbara     Secrets of Cavendon
Bruen, Ken     The Ghosts of Galway
Child, Lee     The Midnight Line
Clark, Mary Higgins     Every Breath You Take
Coonts, Stephen     The Armageddon File
Crosby, Ellen     The Vineyard Victims
Cussler, Clive     Typhoon Fury
Daheim, Mary     A Case of Bier
Dailey, Janet     Refuge Cove
Donaldson, Stephen     Seventh Decimate
Drake, David     The Spark
Duncan, Elizabeth     Much Ado About Murder
Erdrich, Louise     Future Home of the Living God
Evanovich, Janet     Hardcore Twenty-Four
Evans, Richard Paul    The Noel Diary
Fitch, Janet     The Revolution of Marina M.
Gear, Kathleen O’Neal    Moon Hunt
Graham, Heather     American Drifter
Grant, Mira     Into the Drowning Deep
Gray, Shelley Shepard     The Gift
Gunn, Robin Jones     Sunset Lullaby
Howard, Linda     The Woman Left Behind
Ignatius, David     The Quantum Spy
Kingsbury, Karen    In This Moment
McCall Smith, Alexander The House of Unexpected Sisters
Patterson, James    The People vs. Alex Cross
Patterson, James     Count to Ten
Perry, Anne     A Christmas Return
Steel, Danielle     Past Perfect
Thompson, Victoria     City of Lies
Turano, Jen     Out of the Ordinary

December 2017

Bova, Ben     Survival
Bunn, T. Davis     Firefly Cove
Chiaverini, Jennifer     Enchantress of Numbers
Estleman, Loren     The Ballad of Black Bart
Flint, Eric     1636
Fowler, Christopher     Wild Chamber
Griffin, W.E.B.     Death at Nuremberg
Hatcher, Robin     You’re Gonna Love Me
Iggulden, Conn     Ravenspur
Klassen, Julie     The Ladies of Ivy Cottage
Koontz, Dean     The Whispering Room
McDermid, Val     Insidious Intent
Page, Katherine     The Body in the Casket
Roberts, Nora     Year One
Rollins, James     The Demon Crown
Tursten, Helene     Protected by Shadows

January 2018

Black, Lisa     Perish
Brett, Simon     The Liar in the Library
Brown, Dale     Act Of Revenge
Burke, Alafair     The Wife
Burke, James Lee    Robicheaux
Cherryh, CJ     Emergence
Cornwell, Bernard     Fools and Mortals
Dorsey, Tim     The Pope of Palm Beach
Eason, Lynette     Oath of Honor
French, Nicci     Sunday Silence
Gardiner, Meg     Into the Black Nowhere
Goodkind, Terry     Shroud of Eternity
Graves, Sarah Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Harris, Robert     Munich
Krentz, Jayne Ann     Promise Not To Tell
Lescroart, John     Poison
McGuire, Seanan     Beneath the Sugar Sky
Moyes, Jojo     Still Me
Peterson, Tracie     Out of Ashes
Preston, Douglas     City of Endless Night
Robb, JD     Dark In Death
Sands, Lynsay     Surrender to the Highlander
Spillane, Mickey     The Bloody Spur
Steel, Danielle     Fall From Grace
Stross, Charles     Dark State
Taylor, Brad     Operator Down
Ward, J.R.     Blood Fury
Wendig, Charles     The Raptor & the Wren
White, Roseanna     A Song Unheard
Willig, Lauren     The English Wife
Wilson, F. Paul    The God Gene
Woods, Stuart     Unbound

February 2018


Armstrong, Kelley     This Fallen Prey
Beaton, MC     Death of an Honest Man
Berenson, Alex     The Deceivers
Carey, Peter     A Long Way Home
Duffy, Brendan     The Storm King
Fielding, Joy     The Bad Daughter
Finch, Charles     The Woman in the Water
Flint, Eric     1637: The Volga Rules
Fluke, Joanne     Raspberry Danish Murder
Gardner, Lisa     Look For Me
Greaney, Mark     Agent in Place
Grippando, James     A Death in Live Oak
Hannah, Kristin     The Great Alone
Harper, Karen     Shallow Grave
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia     Shadow Play
Kellerman, Jonathan     Night Moves
Kinsella, Sophie     Surprise Me
Kleypas, Lisa     Hello Stranger
Knott, Robert     Buckskin
Lawson, Mike     House Witness
Lippman, Laura     Sunburn
Mallery, Susan     Sisters Like Us
Mosley, Walter     Down the River Unto the Sea
Oates, Joyce Carol     Beautiful Days
Patterson, James     Fifty Fifty
Rivers, Francine     The Masterpiece
Salvatore, RA     Child of a Mad God