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New & Forthcoming Fiction

See something that you’d like to read?  Simply click on the title and you will be directed to the catalog record.  From the catalog record, click “place hold” and follow the steps to place an item on hold.  You’ll be contacted as soon as a copy becomes available.  Please note that publication dates are subject to change.


May 2020

Hello Summer by Mary Kay Andrews If It Bleeds by Stephen King Hideaway by Nora Roberts 20th Victim by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro All Adults Here by Emma Straub To Wake the Giant by Jeff Shaara
Albert, Susan Wittig    The Crystal Cave Trilogy
Andrews, Mary Kay    Hello, Summer
Bova, Ben    Uranus
Bradford, Barbara Taylor    In the Lion’s Den
Brown, Dale    Eagle Station
Brown, Rita Mae    Furmidable Foes
Burke, James Lee    A Private Cathedral
Clipston, Amy    The Farm Stand
Connelly, Michael    Fair Warning
Cussler, Clive    Wrath of Poseidon
De Los Santos, Marisa    I’d Give Anything
Deaver, Jeffery    The Goodbye Man
Delinsky, Barbara    A Week at the Shore
Estleman, Loren D.    Indigo
Evanovich, Janet    The Bounty
Flint, Eric    The Shaman of Karres
Fisher, Suzanne Woods    On a Coastal Breeze
Foster, Lori    The Somerset Girls
Graham, Heather    Seeing Darkness
Gray, Shelley Shepard    The Trustworthy One
Gudenkauf, Heather    This Is How I Lied
Harper, Karen    The Queen’s Secret
Hunter, Denise    Carolina Breeze
Ignatius, David    The Paladin
King, Stephen    If It Bleeds
Kingsbury, Karen    Someone Like You
Laukkanen, Owen    Lone Jack Trail
Lustbader, Eric    The Nemesis Manifesto
Mallery, Susan    The Friendship List
Martin, Charles    The Water Keeper
Michaels, Fern    Truth and Justice
Monroe, Mary Alice    On Ocean Boulevard
Moore, Christopher    Shakespeare for Squirrels
Mosse, Kate    The City of Tears
Nicholls, David    Sweet Sorrow
Patterson, James    The 20th Victim
Quick, Amanda    Close Up
Roberts, Nora    Hideaway
Sawyer, Kim Vogel    Unveiling the Past
Shaara, Jeff    To Wake the Giant
Spillane, Mickey    Hot Lead, Cold Justice
Straub, Emma    All Adults Here
Thayer, Nancy    Girls of Summer
Trollope, Joanna    Mum & Dad
Turano, Jen    Storing Up Trouble
Turow, Scott    The Last Trial
Weiner, Jennifer    Big Summer
Woods, Stuart    Bombshell
Young, Tom    Silver Wings, Iron Cross

June 2020

The Summer Deal by Jill Shalvis The Girl from Widow Hills by Megan Miranda 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand The Lies That Bind by Emily Giffin Mrs. Lincoln's Sisters by Jennifer Chiaverini Daddy's Girls by Danielle Steel
Andrews, V. C.    Shadows of Foxworth
Austin, Lynn    If I Were You
Benford, Gregory    Glorious
Berenson, Laurien    Game of Dog Bones
Brett, Simon    The Clutter Corpse
Brooks, Terry    The Last Druid
Camden, Elizabeth    A Gilded Lady
Carlisle, Kate    The Grim Reader
Chiaverini, Jennifer    Mrs. Lincoln’s Sisters
Colgan, Jenny    500 Miles from You
Connolly, John    The Dirty South
Dailey, Janet    Holding Out for Christmas
Doiron, Paul    One Last Lie
Doyle, Roddy    Love
Fuller, Kathleen    Amish Generations
Gabhart, Ann H.    An Appalachian Summer
Gear, Kathleen O’Neal    People of the Canyons
Giffin, Emily    The Lies That Bind
Guillory, Jasmine    Party of Two
Harrison, Kim    American Demon
Hedlund, Jody    A Bride of Convenience
Hilderbrand, Elin    28 Summers
Higgins, Kristan    Always the Last to Know
Irvin, Kelly    Closer Than She Knows
Jackson, Lisa    You Betrayed Me
Johansen, Iris    The Persuasion
Jones, Sandie    The Half Sister
King, Laurie R.    Riviera Gold
Lackey, Mercedes    Spy, Spy Again
Maden, Mike    Tom Clancy Firing Point
Miranda, Megan    The Girl from Widow Hills
Moning, Karen Marie    Kingdom of Shadow and Light
Palmer, Diana    Notorious
Paris, B. A.    The Dilemma
Patterson, James    Hush
Patterson, James    The Summer House
Peterson, Tracie    The Way of Love
Pettrey, Dani    The Crushing Depths
Phillips, Susan Elizabeth    Dance Away With Me     
Robards, Karen    The Black Swan of Paris
Sears, Michael    Tower of Babel
Shalvis, Jill    The Summer Deal
Singh, Nalini    Alpha Night
Sittenfeld, Curtis    Rodham
Steel, Danielle    Daddy’s Girls
Sullivan, J. Courtney    Friends and Strangers
Thayne, RaeAnne    Summer at Lake Haven
Thor, Brad    Near Dark
Warren, Susan May    The Heart of a Hero
Williams, Beatriz    Her Last Flight
Witemeyer, Karen    At Love’s Command

July 2020

Abbott, Jeff    Never Ask Me
Alexander, Tamera    Colors of Truth
Atkins, Ace    The Revelators
Bannister, Jo    Dangerous Pursuits
Barrett, Lorna    Handbook for Homicide
Bell, Ted    Dragonfire
Butcher, Jim     Peace Talks
Castillo, Linda    Outsider
Center, Katherine    What You Wish for
Coulter, Catherine    Deadlock
Davis, Fiona    The Lions of Fifth Avenue
Deutermann, Peter T.    The Hooligans
Donoghue, Emma    The Pull of the Stars
Graham, Heather    Deadly Touch
Green, Simon R.    The House on Widows Hill
Hatcher, Robin Lee    How Sweet It Is
Kellerman, Jonathan    Half Moon Bay
Läckberg, Camilla    The Golden Cage
Lapena, Shari    The End of Her
Lawson, Mike    House Privilege
Macomber, Debbie    A Walk Along the Beach
McCall Smith, Alexander    The Geometry of Holding Hands
Parks, Brad    Interference
Patterson, James    1st Case
Patterson, James    Cajun Justice
Putney, Mary Jo    Once Dishonored
Rosenfelt, David    Muzzled
Salvatore, R. A.    Relentless
Schwarz, Christina    Bonnie
Silva, Daniel    The Order
Slaughter, Karin    The Silent Wife
Snelling, Lauraine    A Blessing to Cherish
Taylor, Travis    Battle Luna
Tsukiyama, Gail     The Color of Air
Wiggs, Susan    The Lost and Found Bookshop

August 2020

Andrews, Donna    The Falcon Always Wings Twice
Andrews, Ilona    Emerald Blaze
Balogh, Mary    Someone to Romance
Berenson, Laurien    Howloween Murder  
Billingham, Mark    Cry Baby 
Black, Lisa    Every Kind of Wicked
Bova, Ben    Space Station Down
Bowen, Rhys    The Last Mrs. Summers
Cabot, Meg    No Offense
Cornwell, Patricia Daniels    Spin
Cussler, Clive    The Saboteurs
Dailey, Janet    Whirlwind
Flint, Eric    1636
Hamilton, Laurell K.    Sucker Punch
Hannah, Sophie    The Killings at Kingfisher Hill
Hearne, Kevin    Ink & Sigil
Kadrey, Richard    Ballistic Kiss
Lansens, Lori    This Little Light
Livesey, Margot    The Boy in the Field
Michaels, Fern    Bitter Pill
Parker, T. Jefferson    Then She Vanished
Patterson, James    The Midwife Murders
Rash, Ron    In the Valley
Reich, Christopher    The Palace
Rice, Christopher    Blood Victory
Rose, Karen    Say No More
Ryan, Hank Phillippi    The First to Lie
Steel, Danielle    Royal
Ward, J. R.    The Jackal
Woods, Stuart    Choppy Water

September 2020

Backman, Fredrik    Anxious People
Brown, Sandra    Thick As Thieves
Butcher, Jim    Battle Ground
Cherryh, C. J.    Divergence
Cleeves, Ann    The Darkest Evening
Dailey, Janet    Paradise Peak
Dams, Jeanne M.    Death Comes to Durham
Deveraux, Jude    Chance of a Lifetime
Feehan, Christine    Dark Song
Fforde, Jasper    The Constant Rabbit
Fluke, Joanne    Christmas Cupcake Murder
Flynn, Vince    Total Power
Follett, Ken    The Evening and the Morning
Galbraith, Robert    Troubled Blood
Graham, Heather    Dreaming Death
Harris, Robert     V2
Hiaasen, Carl    Squeeze Me
Hornby, Nick    Just Like You
Johansen, Iris     Chaos
Kline, Christina Baker    The Exiles
Lewis, Beverly    The Stone Wall
Macmillan, Gilly    To Tell You the Truth
Mallery, Susan    Happily This Christmas
McGuire, Seanan    A Killing Frost
McKinlay, Jenn    One for the Books
Michaels, Fern    The Brightest Star
Miller, Sue    Monogamy
Monroe, Mary    The Gift of Family
Nesbo, Jo    The Kingdom
Novak, Brenda    A California Christmas
Palahniuk, Chuck    The Invention of Sound
Patterson, James    The Coast-to-coast Murders
Penny, Louise    All the Devils Are Here
Perry, Anne    A Question of Betrayal
Picoult, Jodi    The Book of Two Ways
Robb, J. D.    Shadows in Death
Robinson, Marilynne     Jack
Rollins, James    Unrestricted Access
Sands, Lynsay    Immortal Angel
Sparks, Nicholas    The Return
Ware, Ruth    One by One

October 2020

Andrews, Donna    The Gift of the Magpie
Andrews, V. C.    Whispering Hearts
Brody, Frances    Murder Is in the Air
Cameron, W. Bruce    A Dog’s Perfect Christmas
Carr, Robyn    Return to Virgin River
Child, Lee    The Sentinel
Evans, Richard Paul    The Noel Letters
Franklin, Ariana    Death and the Maiden
French, Nicci    House of Correction
French, Tana    The Searcher
Herbert, Brian    The Duke of Caladan
Hilderbrand, Elin    Troubles in Paradise
Hoffman, Alice    Magic Lessons
Jewell, Lisa    Invisible Girl
Kellerman, Faye    The Lost Boys
Koontz, Dean R.    Elsewhere
Macomber, Debbie    Jingle All the Way
McCall Smith, Alexander    How to Raise an Elephant
McDermid, Val    Still Life
Miller, Linda Lael    Country Proud
Oates, Joyce Carol    Cardiff, by the Sea
Patterson, James    Three Women Disappear
Robinson, Kim Stanley    The Ministry for the Future
Rosenfelt, David    Silent Bite
Stross, Charles    Dead Lies Dreaming
Taylor, Patrick    An Irish Country Welcome
Thayne, RaeAnne    Christmas at Holiday House
Thompson, Victoria    City of Schemes
Unger, Lisa    Confessions on the 7:45
Weber, David    The Valkyrie Protocol
Woods, Stuart    Shakeup
Zahn, Timothy    Chaos Rising