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New & Forthcoming Fiction

See something that you’d like to read?  Simply click on the title and you will be directed to the catalog record.  From the catalog record, click “place hold” and follow the steps to place an item on hold.  You’ll be contacted as soon as a copy becomes available.  Please note that publication dates are subject to change.

March 2019

Bear, Elizabeth     Ancestral Night
Berry, Steve     The Malta Exchange
Box, C. J.     Wolf Pack
Briggs, Patricia     Storm Cursed
Castle, Richard     Crashing Heat
Childs, Laura      Broken Bone China
Coben, Harlan     Run Away
Collins, Max Allan      Murder, My Love
Coulter, Catherine     The Last Second
Fairstein, Linda A.     Blood Oath
Feehan, Christine     Toxic Game
Graham, Heather     A Lethal Legacy
Greenwood, Kerry     The Spotted Dog
Iles, Greg     Cemetery Road
Johansen, Iris     Dark Tribute
Kane, Andrea     Dead in a Week
Klavan, Andrew     Another Kingdom
Landvik, Lorna     Chronicles of a Radical Hag
MacDonald, Patricia     Safe Haven
Margolin, Phillip     The Perfect Alibi

Meissner, Susan     The Last Year of the War
Michaels, Fern     Deep Harbor
Monroe, Mary     Over the Fence
Neggers, Carla     Stone Bridges
Oyeyemi, Helen     Gingerbread
Parks, Brad     The Last Act
Patterson, James     The Cornwalls Are Gone
Patterson, James     The First Lady
Peterson, Tracie     When You Are Near
Reich, Christopher     Crown Jewel
Robards, Karen     The Fifth Doctrine
Rosenberg, Joel C.     The Persian Gamble
Rosenfelt, David     Black and Blue
See, Lisa     The Island of Sea Women
Snelling, Lauraine     Half Finished
Steel, Danielle     Silent Night
Stewart, Mariah     The Goodbye Café
Winspear, Jacqueline     The American Agent
Wiseman, Beth     Hearts in Harmony
Woods, Stuart     Wild Card

April 2019

Ahern, Cecelia     Roar
Armstrong, Kelley     Cruel Fate
Baldacci, David     Redemption
Bannister, Jo     Silent Footsteps
Bergren, Lisa Tawn     Verity
Boyle, T. C.    Outside Looking In
Brody, Frances     A Snapshot of Murder
Bunn, T. Davis     Outbreak
Burke, Alafair     The Better Sister
Clark, Mary Higgins     Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry
Dawson, Delilah S.     No Country for Old Gnomes
Dickey, Eric Jerome     Before We Were Wicked
Donaldson, Stephen R.     The War Within
Evanovich, Stephanie     Under the Table
Fisher, Suzanne Woods     On a Summer Tide
Flint, Eric     1637
Gabhart, Ann H.    The Refuge
George, Nina     The Book of Dreams
Goodkind, Terry    The Scribbly Man
Gray, Shelley Shepard     The Patient One
Gudenkauf, Heather     Before She Was Found
Hall, Parnell     Lights! Camera! Puzzles!
Hannon, Irene     Driftwood Bay
Harris, C. S.     Who Slays the Wicked
Hillerman, Anne     The Tale Teller
Jackson, Lisa     Willing to Die

Jance, Judith A.     The A List
Kelly, Erin     Stone Mothers
Kerr, Philip     Metropolis
Kingsbury, Karen     Two Weeks
Laurens, Stephanie The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh
Lewis, Beverly     The Tinderbox
McCall Smith, Alexander The Department of Sensitive Crimes
McEwan, Ian     Machines Like Me
McKevett, G. A.     Bitter Brew
Michaels, Fern     Far and Away
Palmer, Daniel     Saving Meghan
Patterson, James     The 13-minute Murder
Patterson, James      The 18th Abduction
Patterson, James     Miracle at St. Andrews
Perry, Anne     Triple Jeopardy
Ross, Ann B.     Miss Julia Takes the Wheel
Sandford, John     Neon Prey
Sands, Lynsay     The Trouble With Vampires
Sawyer, Kim Vogel     A Silken Thread
Scottoline, Lisa     Someone Knows
Smith, Wilbur A.     King of Kings
Thompson, Victoria     Murder on Trinity Place
Turnbull, Peter     Cold Wrath
Ward, J. R.     The Savior
Zahn, Timothy     Knight

May 2019

Andrews, Mary Kay     Sunset Beach
Bauermeister, Erica     The Scent Keeper
Bear, Elizabeth     The Red-stained Wings
Benjamin, Melanie     Mistress of the Ritz
Brown, Dale     The Kremlin Strike
Chiaverini, Jennifer     Resistance Women
Cussler, Clive     The Oracle
Dailey, Janet     It’s a Christmas Thing
Dams, Jeanne M.     A Dagger Before Me
Deaver, Jeffery     The Never Game
Evans, Richard Paul     The Road Home
Frank, Dorothea Benton     Queen Bee
Graham, Heather     The Summoning
Gunn, Robin Jones     Becoming Us
Harper, Karen     Dark Storm
Harris, Charlaine    Small Kingdoms and Other Stories
Harris, Thomas     Cari Mora
Koontz, Dean R.     The Night Window
Koryta, Michael     If She Wakes
Laukkanen, Owen     Deception Cove
McGuire, Seanan     Middlegame
Michaels, Fern     Hot Shot
Page, Katherine Hall     The Body in the Wake
Pavone, Chris     The Paris Diversion
Quick, Amanda     Tightrope
Russell, Karen     Orange World and Other Stories
Simsion, Graeme    The Rosie Result
Spillane, Mickey     Last Stage to Hell Junction
Steel, Danielle     Blessing in Disguise
Weber, David     The Gordian Protocol
Weir, Alison     Anna of Kleve
White, Kate     Such a Perfect Wife
Williams, Beatriz     The Wicked Redhead

June 2019

Albert, Susan Wittig     A Plain Vanilla Murder
Anderson, Kevin J.     Spine of the Dragon
Armstrong, Kelley     Wherever She Goes
Atherton, Nancy     Aunt Dimity and the Heart of Gold
Atkinson, Kate     Big Sky
Baker, Jo     The Body Lies
Baxter, Stephen     Redemption
Berenson, Laurien     Bite Club
Billingham, Mark     Their Little Secret
Black, Cara     Murder in Bel-Air
Brooks, Terry     The Stiehl Assassin
Brown, Rita Mae     Whiskers in the Dark
Card, Orson Scott     The Hive
Crais, Robert     A Dangerous Man
Crouch, Blake     Recursion
Drake, David     To Clear Away the Shadows
Ellroy, James     This Storm
Gear, W. Michael     Star Path
Gilbert, Elizabeth     City of Girls
Green, Jane     The Friends We Keep
Haddon, Mark     The Porpoise
Hilderbrand, Elin     Summer of ’69
Jackson, Lisa     Paranoid
Kadrey, Richard     The Grand Dark
Koch, Herman    The Ditch
Mackintosh, Clare    After the End
Maden, Mike     Tom Clancy Enemy Contact
Mallery, Susan     The Summer of Sunshine and Margot
Miranda, Megan     The Last House Guest
Monroe, Mary Alice     The Summer Guests
Mosse, Kate     The Burning Chambers
Oates, Joyce Carol     My Life As a Rat
Palmer, Diana     Unleashed
Patterson, James     Unsolved
Peterson, Tracie    Wherever You Go
Richards, Emilie     A Family of Strangers
Roy, Lori     Gone Too Long
Shalvis, Jill    The Lemon Sisters
Singh, Nalini     Wolf Rain
Steel, Danielle    Lost and Found
Stephenson, Neal     Fall, or Dodge in Hell
Thor, Brad     Backlash
Weiner, Jennifer     Mrs. Everything
White, Roseanna M.    The Number of Love
Willig, Lauren     The Summer Country
Woods, Stuart     Skin Game

July 2019

Atkins, Ace     The Shameless
Bova, Ben     Earth
Carr, Robyn    The House on Olive Street
Castillo, Linda     Shamed
Coes, Ben     The Russian
Coulter, Catherine     Labyrinth
Davis, Lindsey    A Capitol Death
Doiron, Paul     Almost Midnight
Fitch, Janet     Chimes of a Lost Cathedral
Gladstone, Max     This Is How You Lose the Time War
Graham, Heather     The Seekers
Greaney, Mark     Red Metal
Harris, Joanne M.    The Blue Salt Road
Hunter, Stephen    Game of Snipers
Jackson, Joshilyn    Never Have I Ever
Johansen, Iris     Smokescreen
Lackey, Mercedes     Eye Spy
Lapena, Shari    Someone We Know
Lindsey, Johanna     Temptation’s Darling
Lippman, Laura     Lady in the Lake
Lustbader, Eric     The Sum of All Shadows
Macomber, Debbie     Window on the Bay
McCall Smith, Alexander     The Second-worst Restaurant in France
Meacham, Leila    Dragonfly
Nesbo, Jo     Knife
Patterson, James     Sophia, Princess Among Beasts
Putney, Mary Jo    Once a Spy
Ringo, John     River of Night
Roberts, Nora     Under Currents
Rosenfelt, David     Bark of Night
Russo, Richard    Chances Are
Turtledove, Harry     Alpha and Omega
Wendig, Chuck     Wanderers
Williams, Beatriz     The Golden Hour
Zahn, Timothy     Thrawn

August 2019

Andrews, Donna    Terns of Endearment
Andrews, V. C.    Beneath the Attic
Barrett, Lorna    A Killer Edition
Birmingham, John    The Cruel Stars
Box, C. J.    The Bitterroots
Carriger, Gail    Reticence
Cleverly, Barbara    Invitation to Die
Deutermann, Peter T.    The Nugget
Green, Simon R.    Till Sudden Death Do Us Part
Gregory, Philippa    Tidelands
Grimes, Martha    The Old Success
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia    Pack Up Your Troubles
Keller, Julia    The Cold Way Home
Parker, T. Jefferson    The Last Good Guy
Patterson, James    The Inn
Ryan, Hank Phillippi    The Murder List
Steel, Danielle    The Dark Side
Ware, Ruth    The Turn of the Key
Weis, Margaret    Kingmaker
Woods, Stuart    Contraband