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New & Forthcoming Fiction

See something that you’d like to read?  Simply click on the title and you will be directed to the catalog record.  From the catalog record, click “place hold” and follow the steps to place an item on hold.  You’ll be contacted as soon as a copy becomes available.  Please note that publication dates are subject to change.

January 2018

Andrews, VC     House of Secrets
Black, Lisa     Perish
Brett, Simon     The Liar in the Library
Brown, Dale     Act Of Revenge
Burke, Alafair     The Wife
Burke, James Lee    Robicheaux
Cameron, Stella     Whisper the Dead
Cherryh, CJ     Emergence
Cleeves, Ann     Hidden Depths
Cornwell, Bernard     Fools and Mortals
Dorsey, Tim     The Pope of Palm Beach
Eason, Lynette     Oath of Honor
French, Nicci     Sunday Silence
Gardiner, Meg     Into the Black Nowhere
Goodkind, Terry     Shroud of Eternity
Graves, Sarah Death by Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
Harris, Robert     Munich
Krentz, Jayne Ann     Promise Not To Tell
Lescroart, John     Poison
McGuire, Seanan     Beneath the Sugar Sky
Moyes, Jojo     Still Me
Peterson, Tracie     Out of Ashes
Preston, Douglas     City of Endless Night
Robb, JD     Dark In Death
Sands, Lynsay     Surrender to the Highlander
Spillane, Mickey     The Bloody Spur
Steel, Danielle     Fall From Grace
Stross, Charles     Dark State
Taylor, Brad     Operator Down
Ward, J.R.     Blood Fury
Wendig, Charles     The Raptor & the Wren
White, Roseanna     A Song Unheard
Willig, Lauren     The English Wife
Wilson, F. Paul    The God Gene
Woods, Stuart     Unbound

February 2018

Armstrong, Kelley     This Fallen Prey
Beaton, MC     Death of an Honest Man
Berenson, Alex     The Deceivers
Bergren, Lisa Tawn     Keturah
Bowen, Rhys     The Tuscan Child
Brody, Frances     Death in the Stars
Carey, Peter     A Long Way Home
Duffy, Brendan     The Storm King
Fielding, Joy     The Bad Daughter
Finch, Charles     The Woman in the Water
Fisher, Suzanne     Phoebe’s Light
Flint, Eric     1637: The Volga Rules
Fluke, Joanne     Raspberry Danish Murder
Gardner, Lisa     Look For Me
Greaney, Mark     Agent in Place
Grippando, James     A Death in Live Oak
Hannah, Kristin     The Great Alone
Harper, Karen     Shallow Grave
Harrod-Eagles, Cynthia     Shadow Play
Kellerman, Jonathan     Night Moves
Kinsella, Sophie     Surprise Me
Kleypas, Lisa     Hello Stranger
Knott, Robert     Buckskin
Lawson, Mike     House Witness
Lippman, Laura     Sunburn
Mallery, Susan     Sisters Like Us
Meissner, Susan     As Bright As Heaven
Mills, DiAnn     High Treason
Mosley, Walter     Down the River Unto the Sea
Oates, Joyce Carol     Beautiful Days
Patterson, James     Fifty Fifty
Rivers, Francine     The Masterpiece
Salvatore, RA     Child of a Mad God

 March 2018

Albert, S. The Darling Dahlias and the Unlucky Clover
Berry, Steve     The Bishop’s Pawn
Blackstock, Terri     If I Live
Bloom, Amy     White Houses
Bohjalian, Christopher     The Flight Attendant
Box, CJ     The Disappeared
Briggs, Patricia     Burn Bright
Childs, Laura     Plum Tea Crazy
Cussler, Clive     The Rising Sea
De Los Santos, Maria     I’ll Be Your Blue Sky
Deveraux, Jude     As You Wish
Estleman, Loren     Black and White Ball
Feehan, Christine    Covert Game
Genova, Lisa     Every Note Played
George, Elizabeth The Punishment She Deserves
Goodkind, Terry     The Girl in the Moon
Graham, Heather     A Dangerous Game
Green, Simon R. Into the Thinnest Air
Hall, Parnell    The Purloined Puzzle
Jackson, Lisa     One Last Breath
Jance, JA     Duel to the Death 
Leon, Donna The Temptation of Forgiveness
Margolin, Phillip     The Third Victim
May, Peter     I’ll Keep You Safe
Michaels, Fern     Truth or Dare
Michaels, Fern     Sweet Vengeance
Moning, Karen Marie     High Voltage
Monroe, Mary     One House Over
Neggers, Carla     The River House
Parks, Brad     Closer Than You Know
Patterson, James     Red Alert
Peterson, Tracie     In Places Hidden
Pronzini, Bill     The Bags of Tricks Affair
Quindlen, Anna     Alternate Side
Rice, Christopher     Bone Music
Rosenberg, Joel The Kremlin Conspiracy
Rosenfelt, David     Fade to Black
Sands, Lynsay     Twice Bitten
Sawyer, Kim     Beneath a Prairie Moon
Steel, Danielle     Accidental Heroes
Stewart, Mariah     The Sugarhouse Blues
White, Randy Wayne     Caribbean Rim
Winspear, Jacqueline     To Die But Once

 April 2018

Albert, Susan     Queen Anne’s Lace
Baldacci, David     The Fallen
Carr, Robyn     The Family Gathering
Clark, Mary Higgins I’ve Got My Eyes On You
Cleeves, Ann     The Glass Room
Coulter, Catherine     The Sixth Day
Coyle, Cleo     Shot in the Dark
Deaver, Jeffery     The Cutting Edge
Dickey, Eric Jerome Bad Men and Wicked Women
Dodd, Christina     Dead Girl Running
Drake, David Though Hell Should Bar the Way
Duncan, Elizabeth     The Marmalade Murders
Frazier, Charles     Varina
Goldberg, Lee     True Fiction
Grimes, Martha     The Knowledge
Harris, C.S.     Why Kill the Innocent
Hearne, Kevin     Scourged
Hillerman, Anne     Cave of Bones
Hooper, Kay     Hold Back the Dark
Johansen, Iris     Shattered Mirror 
Kerr, Philip    Greeks Bearing Gifts
Laurens, S. The Designs of Lord Randolph Cavanaugh
Lewis, Beverly     The Road Home
Malliet, GM     In Prior’s Wood
McCall, Alex The Good Pilot Peter Woodhouse
McKevett, GA     Hide and Sneak
Moore, Christopher     Noir
Nesbo, Jo     Macbeth
Palmer, Daniel     The First Family
Patterson, James     The 17th Suspect
Perry, Anne     Twenty-One Days
Ross, Ann     Miss Julia Raises the Roof
Sandford, John     Twisted Prey
Scalzi, John     Head On
Scottoline, Lisa     After Anna
Shriver, Lionel     Property
Spillane, Mickey     Killing Town
Thayer, Nancy     A Nantucket Wedding
Ward, JR     The Thief 
Weldon, Faye     Death of a She Devil
Woods, Stuart     Shoot First

May 2018

Anderson, Kevin     Uncharted
Andrews, Mary Kay     The High Tide Club
Atkins, Ace     Old Black Magic
Bell, Ted     Overkill
Bond, Larry     Arctic Gambit
Brooks, Terry     The Skaar Invasion
Brown, Rita Mae     Probable Claws
Cleverly, Barbara     Fall of Angels
Connolly, John     He
Coulter, Catherine     The Sixth Day
Cussler, Clive    The Gray Ghost
Dekker, Ted     The 49th Mystic
Evans, Richard Paul     The Forgotten Road
Graham, Heather     Fade to Black
Harris, Joanne    The Testament of Loki
Holt, Anne     In Dust and Ashes
Iggulden, Conn     The Abbot’s Tale
Kenyon, Sherrilyn     Death Doesn’t Bargain
King, Stephen     The Outsider
Kingbury, Karen     To the Moon and Back
Koontz, Dean     The Crooked Staircase
Koryta, Michael     How It Happened
Luakkanen, Owen     Gale Force
Martin, Charles     Send Down the Rain
McLain, Paula    Love and Ruin
Monroe, Mary Alice     Beach House Reunion
Ondaatje, Michael     Warlight
Palahniuk, Chuck     Adjustment Day
Pronzini, Bill     Give-a-Damn Jones
Quick, Amanda     The Other Lady Vanishes
Roberts, Nora     Shelter in Place
Rutherfurd, Edward     China
Simsion, Graeme     Two Steps Forward
Thompson, Victoria     Murder on Union Square
Trollope, Joanna     An Unsuitable Match
Weir, Alison Jane Seymour, the Haunted Queen

June 2018

Atherton, N. Aunt Dimity and the King’s Ransom
Backman, Fredrik     Us Against You
Berenson, Laurien     Ruff Justice
Billingham, Mark     The Killing Habit
Black, Cara     Murder on the Left Bank
Brown, Dale     The Moscow Offensive
Clinton, Bill     The President Is Missing
Coes, Ben     Bloody Sunday
Connolly, John     The Woman in the Woods
Dallas, Sandra     The Patchwork Bride
Delinsky, Barbara     Before and Again
Giffin, Emily     All We Ever Wanted
Green, Simon R.     The Night Fall
Groff, Lauren     Florida
Hilderbrand, Elin     The Perfect Couple
Hinton, Lynne The View From Here
Huff, Tanya     The Privilege of Peace
Jackson, Lisa     Liar, Liar
King, Laurie R.     Island of the Mad
Lackey, Mercedes     The Hills Have Spies
Oates, Joyce Carol     Night-Gaunts
Palmer, Diana     Unbridled
Preston, Douglas     The Pharaoh Key
Putney, Mary Jo     Once a Scoundrel
Robards, Karen    The Moscow Deception
Sands, Lynsay The Highlander’s Promise
Singh, Nalini     Ocean Light
Weisberger, Lauren When Life Gives You Lululemons
Wiggs, Susan     Between You and Me
Zahn, Timothy     Alliances