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Automatic Renewals begin April 1

Automatic renewals will begin April 1!

Eligible items will renew automatically giving you more time and peace of mind with your library materials.


How does auto-renew work?
Each morning at 8:00 am, the system will check for items due in three days and attempt to renew them. Anything that can be renewed  will be given a new due date. Items that cannot be renewed will be due on the original date. 

What would cause an item to not auto-renew?
There are several reasons why an item might not auto-renew:
1. The item does not have any more renewals available. View borrowing limits here.
2. The item is on hold by another patron.
3. Your account is blocked.

Will all items and patrons receive auto-renew?
Yes. All eligible items will auto-renew. 

Do I lose days on auto-renewal?
No, the system calculates a new due date based on the original due date. For example, if a 1-week DVD is due on the 10th of the month, the auto-renewal process will run on the 7th and the new due date will be the 17th. 

Can items still be renewed manually? 
Yes, in addition to the auto-renewal, manual renewals can still be completed the same way as before.

What items cannot be auto-renewed?
– Interlibrary Loan items (ILL)
– Digital items. (You will have to renew through the platform, such as Libby, Overdrive, etc.)
– Hot Picks and Flicks or special collection items that do not allow for renewals
– Items that have reached their maximum renewal limit
– Items that are on hold by another patron

Will patrons be notified if items have been auto-renewed?
Yes, if you are signed up for text or email notifications. 

If all items are auto-renewed will patrons be forced to wait longer for in-demand items?
Typically no. Just like the process for regular renewals, if an item is on hold by another patron the item will not be eligible for auto-renewal. Patrons will still be expected to return these materials within the normal due date period. 

Why are we implementing auto-renewal?
We are implementing auto-renewals as a service for patrons. Auto-renewals will make the library easier to use. 





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