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Community Project

Covid 19 community project graphicCOVID-19: Global Pandemic, Local Experiences
From across the globe to across the street, the COVID-19 pandemic has affected each one of us in ways that will not only go down in history but will also shape our future for years to come. How has this dramatic event impacted you? We encourage writers of all ages to submit stories, essays and/or artwork or photos based on your experiences during the pandemic. This collection will be available to view through Biblioboard. Check out the submission portal page to upload your story or artwork.

Writing/art prompts:

  • Describe your experience when leaving our house for the first time.
  • What feelings emerged the first time you wore a mask?
  • What supplies did you need that were sold out or you didn’t have access to? How did you compensate?
  • What did you miss doing that you no longer could?
  • How did you change your lifestyle?
  • Did you know of someone who contracted COVID-19? How did you support them?
  • What new opportunities arose because of COVID?

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