Language Learning Clubs:

Our Language Learning Clubs are free and open to everybody. These clubs offer an easy and fun way to learn English at your own speed, surrounded by a supportive group of fellow learners.

For questions, contact Tania Hess at or (815) 263-8145.  Se habla español.

Life Skills Club Reading Club Grammar Club


Learn key vocabulary, questions and phrases are in the context of daily life.


Study new words, choose your own level and practice your pronunciation.


Learn principles of English grammar and writing skills in a practical yet fun way.

Conversation Club Events Calendar empty


Practice English while sharing ideas, playing games and more.

No registration required.  Check out our Events Calendar for more information about our ELL clubs.


Language Learning Resources at the Library

Books and CDs for Learning English
  • Basic Skills materials including reading, spelling, writing, grammar, pronunciation, and idioms.
  • Citizenship Test Guides
  • GED Test Guides
  • TOEFL Test Guides
  • Language Dictionaries
  • Language Learning CDs
  • Compass Classics Series
Popular Books and Movies in Your Language

The Library collects books in Polish, Spanish and Urdu.  We also collect DVDs in over 20 languages including Chinese, French, German, Hindi, Polish, and more.

Online Language Learning
Citizenship Resources