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Why do I have to register?

Not all libraries take registration for programs, so why do we require registration for most of ours here in Plainfield? The short answer is to prevent disappointment and to serve the greatest number of people.

Drop-in programs are great in communities where programs do not always fill. However, in a fast-growing town like Plainfield where attendance at children’s programs alone was nearly 32,000 last year, chances are high that if we did not take registration, many people would come to the Library hoping to attend a program only to find it full. We don’t want you to have that experience.

Online registration also allows us to maintain a waiting list, so that whenever there is a cancellation, we can immediately fill that spot.
We want to make your experience here at the Plainfield Public Library a positive one.

Registration is one tool we use to help do that – it allows you to know you’ll get in to the program you’ve signed up for, and it keeps the programs full, so we can serve the most Plainfield.

Photographing Program Participants

The Library reserves the right to photograph program participants. Photos are for library use and may be used in library publicity materials. Patrons who do not wish to be photographed should notify library staff.

Request a Sign Language Intrepreter

The Library will provide a sign language interpreter for programs and events, whenever possible. 7 business days notice is required in order for the Library to hire a qualified interpreter. Click here to Request a Sign Language Interpreter.