Book Donations


Book DonationsThe Library is happy to accept book donations for fiction and non-fiction books, music (CDs) and movies (Blu-Rays and DVDs).  Please call the Reference desk at 815-327-2515 to see if we can accept your donations at that time.

The Library is unable to accept magazines, textbooks, encyclopedias, newspapers, VHS, computer software, electronics or office supplies.

Donations must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Due to space and storage constraints, the Library is able to accept only two bags or boxes per donation.
  • All materials donated become the property of the Plainfield Public Library District and not all items donated will be added to the collection. The majority will become part of the ongoing book sale, which generates revenue used to purchase new materials.
  • Please donate only recent materials (within the last five years).
  • Please be sure donated items are in good condition. Ripped covers, musty books, broken spines and books that have been written in are not accepted.
  • The Library cannot place a monetary value on books donated but will issue you a receipt indicating the total number of books donated.
  • The Library does not have help on-site to unload your donations; you must be able to bring these in yourself to the Reference Desk on the upper level.  Do not leave materials in the book drop or on the sidewalk. 
  • Materials that are donated to the Library must be in containers that do not have to be returned.

Special Instructions for Large Donations

If you have a large number of items to donate, please wait until the Annual Sale in August. The Goodwill Store & Donation Center of Plainfield also accepts book donations.  Prior to the sale, announcements will go out about when and where the Library will be accepting donations.

Commemorative Gifts and Memorials

Commemorative gifts are a wonderful way to honor special occasions in the lives of your loved ones, friends and neighbors.  All Commemorative materials receive a Plainfield Library donation bookplate commemorating the individual and the donor’s gift. If you are interested in sponsoring a Commemorative gift, please contact the Library at 815-436-6639 and ask for the Business Office. The Library will make an effort to purchase materials that reflect your loved one’s interests and hobbies.